B1 Smoke Machine (Black)

B1 Smoke Machine (Black)
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B1 hand-held Battery Smoke Machine

Instant, safe smoke on demand
Virtually no warm up time
12v DC operation - no mains power required (battery operated)
Up to 10 minutes operation at maximum smoke output
Remote control, TIME-IT & DMX options available
Switch mode charger (can be charged on 110v / 230v)

oncept's B1 is a robust and fully portable smoke system, operating from an on board 12vDC battery.

Whilst not quite as tiny as the Air Trace smoke generator the B1 produces considerable amount of smoke for a battery powered smoke system.

With a 400w heat exchanger, the B1 is capable of producing a good volume of safe, controllable smoke on demand in areas where no mains is available. The B1 also incorporates a microprocessor which controls the unit.

A suitable 110v/230v AC charger is included with every unit.

Spare battery packs, remote control leads and radio remote control systems are all available as optional extras.

Like most smoke/fog generators the B1 creates smoke effect by vaporizing smoke fluid, in this case a composition of glycol and water. The B1 saves power and maximises usage by only heating when the fog is needed.

All B1 smoke generators have the ability to easily control the output of smoke produced (from a small wisp to a large plume). At maximum output, and with a fully charged battery, up to 10 minutes of thick smoke can be produced.

As the B1 has an XLR control socket, it can be used in conjunction with TIME IT, DMX, cable & radio remote.

In the pakadeg
B1 Smoke Machine (Black) CW:
- Battery Pack / Cradle
- Fluid Reservoir- Charger (EU plug)
- 500ml Smoke Fluid