Sachtler’s story of success began with an innovative tripod head. Today camera support equipment from Sachtler means perfect fluid heads, steadfast tripods and pedestals, and cutting-edge stabilizing systems. As a complete supplier of the most diverse system solutions available, Sachtler fulfils all the demands made by the branch. Whether you need sophisticated devices for MiniDV systems or turnkey solutions for film-making, Sachtler offers the highest quality combined with extraordinary robustness – right down to the smallest details. Our wide range of accessories and modular construction enable users to combine and upgrade heads, tripods and other support equipment whenever they desire.

Lightweight and extremely stable, Sachtler tripods have been the partner of choice for camera operators for 50 years. Made out of dural aluminium (DA) and carbon fiber (CF), our tripods are extremely resilient and break-proof – even under extreme conditions. Compared to the more economical aluminium, carbon fiber has a convincing benefit – it is much lighter. That’s why carbon fiber tripods are ideal for mobile operation, particularly as they are much more comfortable to handle in extreme temperatures. It is the payload that decides which fitting to use with each fluid head. Lightweight HDV Camcorders come with a system that includes 75 mm bowls, while digital camcorders require a 100 mm bowl, and film and television cameras stand fast on tripods with 150 mm fittings or flat bases.

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