Tilta Slider System Pro with safety case

Tilta Slider System Pro with safety case
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Artnr: TSS-01
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Tilta Slider System Pro

-Max payload of 60Kg
- Compatible with O´Connor 2575D tripod head
- Precision machining creates ultra smooth rails
- State of the Art Avioation materials for durability and reduced weight
- Unique concentric connecting rails, can be extended to 2,4m
- Compatible with 150mm(+ most 100mm & 75mm) bowl and Mitchell Collar & Nut
- Wide variety of mounting solutions
- Can be easily installed up-side-down
- Slide away protection
- Simplified Balance Adjustment
- Wide range of optional accessories

Check list:
1x Slider Tripod Head Platform
8x Sliding Rail O40mm
4x Safety Adaptors for Wheels
6x Rail connectors
2x Supporting Adaptor for wheels
4x Connector for Supporting rail
1x Rail Extesion Supporter
1x Safety case
1x Wooden package

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