Produktnyheter NAB 2019

The most anticipated products at NAB 2019
So NAB 2019 is over, and we have made a recap of the products that we find the most interesting this year. There are lots of new cameras, lighting, audio-devices, monitors, wireless links - and below you will find a list of some of our brands.
Sony released the highly anticipated CBK-FS7BK, a ENG-kit for the FS7 MK I & II. There's also a new wireless audio-system for lavaliers, new SxS PRO X-cards, new external SSD-drives, and two new 4K-cameras for studios! In the booth, they also had a few VENICE Extension-units for testing, which was very popular with the crowd.

Something for everyone from the markets biggest manufacturer!
Canon showed of a total of four new 4K-cameras in their XA-series. They also launched their supersharp new SUMIRE prime-lenses. SUMIRE combines high performance with a low price, and new for Canon is the use of a PL-mount on prime-lenses. For the broadcast-segment, there are two new 4K B4-mount lenses!
Blackmagic Design
Blackmagic Design launched the revised 2nd generation of the URSA Mini, an update with faster frame-rates, and new color-science! The previously released Pocket CinemaCamera 4K is now also updated with RAW-software, for even more data.
SmallHD & Atomos
Looking for a new monitor?
There are plenty of new models available, where SmallHD takes the lead with a big range of monitors with built-in wireless receivers for Teradek BOLT. Cine7, FOCUS 7 BOLT 500RX, and 702 Touch are some of the new monitors from SmallHD.
Atomos launched the new Shogun 7 for even higher performance in in already popular series of recorders. They also launched the AtomX SDI-module for the smaller sibling Ninja V, which gives you a small and affordable SDI-recorder.
The most popular grip-brand right now, with an ever-expanding range launched a new version of the Armor Man gimbal-vest - with overall better performance and versatility. They also showed us the new cage for both Sony VENICE Extension-unit, and for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K!

The Nucleus-M and Nucleus Nano was among the most popular products in the booth!
Teradek have been very busy the last months, with both the new budget wireless system ACE, but also launched new 4K-solutions for both cinema-cameras, and NDI-solutions for PTZ-cameras.
With solutions like this, there's no longer a need for cable-installation even on bigger reality-productions!
Two new high-end zoom cinema-lenses, that cover full frame-sensors, named the Premista-series are launched. The Premista 28-100mm has a constant speed of  T2.9 throughout the zoom range, but FUJINON says the 80-250mm stays at T2.9 until about 200mm and then slowly ramps to T3.5.
Soon available for pre-order!
LedGO, Zoom & SoundDevices
Lighting and audio is always a hot topic, and RGBW LED-lights is everywhere. With a low price, and superb build-quality the new LedGO Dyna 600C is the perfect studio-light. 600W output!!
Zoom & SoundDevices both released new mixers/recorders with the Zoom F6 and the SoundDevices Scorpio with up to 32 channels!
Easyrig, Gen Energy, ARRI & more
We also got to see various news from Easyrig, BirdDog, ARRI and TVLogic etc.
The Easyrig FlowArm was very much appreciated by the visitors, and is soon available for delivery.
GEN Energy launched their new 2-battery power-solution for SkyPanel SC60 and similar lights. It allows you to use the full power with only 2 packs connected to the LED-panel, no limitations.
BirdDog showed of their new 4K NDI-system.
The TV Logic F7H II is a super-bright 7" FullHD-monitor, with a very robust design.
ARRI showed of the ALEXA Mini LF, and their new SBP-1 dovetail bridge-plate - with a fantastic way of mounting your camera!
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